Frogtastic First Graders

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Does anyone remember me?

Wow! I have been missing in action a LONG time. School started, and there went my free time! How does everyone else juggle teaching, family, and blogs? You all must have super-human powers!! I have a super class of students this year, but it seems like more and more is added to our list of responsibilities. Is anyone else feeling the same way? Well, this time I have a funny and a freebie. Did you see this cartoon? I wish lawmakers would look at standardized tests the same way teachers do.
We recently finished mid-trimester conferences. I had parents concerned about their child who is still using pictures as clues to read, and those who are memorizing the text. I give this little handout to them. I hope somebody is able to use it. I will try to post more often, and hopefully you will be able to use the items I post!! Have a great week of teaching!! Photobucket

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Question for those from or who have visited St. Louis

Hi Everyone! I am not ahead of the game like all the other bloggers who post ideas and activities when they are away from home!! In fact, I am in (extemely hot) St. Louis, MO, because my daughter's softball team made it to Nationals! Yay! Tomorrow and maybe Friday, we will have some time to do some tourist "things", We won't have a big chunk of time both days, but we would really like to hear some places we definately should visit while we are here. We have visited the Arch..which was really cool. Please give us some ideas!!

Enjoy the rest of the first week of August!! When we return home I will be posting some more free reading activities.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adding and Subtracting by 10's

Ok...Blogger is making me cranky!!  Hopefully this post will publish, and everyone can view it!! This activity focuses on adding and subtracting 10's using the hundred's chart.  In Everyday Math, they emphasize using the hundred's chart by moving up and down a column on the chart as a shortcut to count by 10's. Does that even make sense?  The heat has zapped all my brain cells!! Hopefully, it will be more clear when you view it.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!!
Plus Ten Minus 10

Here is a link to Google Docs if that works better for you.